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[00:00.00]Unit 11 Could you please clean your room?
[00:07.08]Sweetie!I'm going shopping today.
[00:17.21]Could you please help me clean the house?
[00:21.76]Oh,and by the way,I need you to take care of,your little brother,Tony.
[00:29.13]Could you do that for me?
[00:33.78]Well...ok!But where should I start?
[00:41.04]Maybe I should do the beds first.
[00:45.01]What should I do next?Oh,the floor is too dirty.
[00:51.07]I'd better sweep the floor.Tom,The doorbell is ringing!
[00:57.52]Get the door!Hurry up!And by the way,while you are out there,take the trash out!
[01:05.18]Hahaha...This is so much fun!
[01:16.12]Tom,the phone is ringing!The phone is ringring!Answer the phone.Hurry up!
[01:25.58]This is... Um...Tom speaking!Who's this?
[01:32.13]Tom,I want milk!Give me some milk!
[01:37.71]汤姆, 我要牛奶!给我牛奶!
[01:43.29]What happened!Oh,mom...
[02:07.66]How often do you clean your room?Once a week?Everyday?Or never?
[03:59.31]I try to make conversation with him.
[04:06.75]make conversation with sb.
[04:15.11]She often goes downstairs after making the beds.
[04:26.66]make the bed(s)
[04:34.91]Don't make so much noise.
[04:42.46]make noise
[04:48.13]I made a promise never to see him again.
[04:57.87]make a promise
[05:04.54]He's the sort of person who always mdkes trouble.
[05:13.97]make trouble
[05:20.00]He made lots of progress in English.
[05:29.35]make progress
[05:35.10]He made a lot of money last year.
[05:43.64]make money
[05:48.79]My teacher made a speech yesterday.
[05:58.64]make a speech
[06:06.18]Don't make the same mistake again.
[06:14.65]make mistake
[06:20.89]It's difficult to make up my mind.
[06:29.56]make up one's mind
[06:41.50]He always does his best.
[06:49.16]do one's best
[06:55.53]When are you going to do your homework?
[07:03.99]do homework
[07:10.24]Do me a favor,please.
[07:17.50]do someone a favor
[07:23.85]I did a tew chores.
[07:30.48]do chores
[07:36.23]Do exercise 20 on page 75.
[07:46.99]do exercise
[07:53.23]I did a lot of shopping yesterday.
[08:01.41]do shopping
[08:07.65]That shop does very good business.
[08:16.20]do business
[08:46.58]He (made) a mistake so I told him to (do)the exercise again.
[08:59.43]Last year he (did) brsiness in Australia and (made) a lot of money.
[09:12.39]I know you are (doing) your best but you are not (making) much progress.
[09:26.73]After I (made) the beds, I went out and (did) some shopping.
[09:37.99]You never (do) a job properly.
[09:46.34]Why can't you (make) up your mind?
[09:54.70](Do) me a favor, please.
[10:15.37]Dear kids.
[10:19.31]I'm going on vacation soon .
[10:23.75]Could you do me a favor?
[10:27.30]I know you are all good kids,so when I'm not home,
[10:33.16]please help your dad do the chores.
[10:37.41]Every morning you all need to make your beds,sweep the floor,
[10:44.08]clean your rooms and help make breakfast.
[10:48.93]After dinner you have to do the dishes.
[10:53.90]On the weedends you can relax.
[10:58.26]but don't forget to do the laundry.
[11:02.10]And make sure to take care of our dog and goldfish,
[11:07.25]feed them every day.
[11:11.29]See you soon.
[11:14.46]Love Mom
[11:25.92]do the chores
[11:30.00]make the beds
[11:34.15]sweep the floor
[11:38.31]clean the rooms
[11:42.46]make breakfast
[11:46.51]do the dishes
[11:50.58]do the laundry
[11:55.02]take care of the dog
[12:29.87]You should drink more tea.
[12:37.13]You should study hard.
[12:43.90]Do I have to study for the test?
[12:52.47]Can you come to my party?
[14:43.72]Could I stay out late tonight,Mom?
[14:53.99]No,you can't. You need to go to sleep early.
[15:04.25]Could I get a ride to school?
[15:12.61]No,you can't. I need to fix the car.
[15:22.57]Could I invite my friends over?
[15:32.13]No,you can't,You need to clean the living room.
[16:17.89]I don't like doing chores. It's boring.
[16:36.18]Could I go to the movies?No,you can't.You need to clean your room.
[16:59.64]Could you lend me your bicycle?
[17:20.20]Could you help me wash my car?I'm going to be late for work.
[17:38.46]Thand you for lending me your coat.
[17:58.23]I borrowed several books from Tony.
[18:28.35]eat out
[19:35.33]Who is William?He's my good friend.
[19:41.60]Is he a nice guy?Yes, but he's too stingy.
[19:48.86]What does he often do?
[19:53.72]He always borrows money from others but never lends money to anybody.
[20:01.45]Who usually pays when they have dinner?I usually pay.
[20:09.50]Who paid that day?William paid that day.
[20:15.74]Did I take enough money to pay the dinner? No,I didn't take enough money.
[20:24.80]How much did that dinner cost? $25
[21:45.73]do the dishes
[21:54.51]sweep the floor
[22:00.15]take out the trash
[22:07.41]make the bed
[22:13.58]fold the clothes
[22:19.95]do the laundry
[22:25.59]buy some drinks and snacks
[22:33.17]borrow some money
[22:39.23]invite your friends
[22:45.29]do chores
[22:51.22]take care of
[22:57.07]forget to do
[23:03.31]go to the store
[23:09.24]come over
[23:13.61]stay out late
[23:20.56]word on
[23:25.41]play with
[23:31.47]do the shopping
[23:38.24]make dinner
[23:45.32]get a ride
[23:51.67]Could you take out the trash?
[24:00.03]Could I borrow the car?
[24:05.09]Sorry,but I need it.
[24:09.64]I have to go to a meeting.
[24:13.79]I have to do the laundry.

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